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Science is an integral part of everyday life and the world around us. At St Michaels, we endeavour to ensure that children develop, not just a good understanding of Science, but the confidence to follow their curiosities. From an early age, children start to ask questions, particularly why? As a school, we might not always have the answers but we pride ourselves on providing the environment and equipment so children can have fun finding out.

In KS2, Science is taught once a term in a weekly block. We believe that teaching Science this way allows the children to fully commit to the learning experience and follow their investigations and experiments closely. This way of learning also allows both the children and teachers to see the progress that is being made over the course of the week. End of unit tests are then taken by the children at the end of the week to evidence the progress being made.

Across the school, floor books are used to showcase the scientific learning that has taken place. These books are the responsibility of the whole class and are developed using teamwork; providing all learners the opportunity to write, draw and label according to the Science topic. Each class in KS2 has three floor books separated into the three scientific areas: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This way of recording work also allows us as a school to take a more hands on exploratory approach to the learning ensuring the children are given as much time to explore and investigate as possible.

We are very fortunate to have close links and access to Homewood School’s vast Science Resources and planned lessons/sessions where the children will have the opportunity to work in a fully equipped Science Laboratory and be taught by specialist teachers.

We are also lucky enough to have a Science Club where children from KS2 have the opportunity to participate in experiments; problem solve in teams and learn about areas of Science that are not necessarily covered in the Curriculum.

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