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PE and Sport

Intent, Implementation and Impact

 Hebrews 12:11-12 

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees.



At St Michaels, we want all our children, regardless of background, race or culture, to enjoy a variety of skills, sports and activities. Our aim is to increase children’s love of sport and activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


At St Michaels, we aim to ensure that our progression of PE skills is clear from Early Years, through Key Stage 1 and onto Key Stage 2 and beyond. We look to build upon and develop pupil’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), such as throwing and catching in Key Stage 1 and Early Years, before embedding those skills into tactical and rule based games and competitions in Key Stage 2. In addition, we recognise the importance in learning vital life skills such as swimming and offer a fantastic link to top class facilities in the local area to Year 3 and Year 6 students for funded swimming lessons with trained coaches. 


We believe in the importance of offering quality, varied and regular activities as it provides vital and, in some cases, the only form of physical exercise and activity for some children throughout their childhood. 

We want our children to not only improve their physical fitness and health, but also to develop a love of sport and competition,creating a mindset of being fit for life . By offering a varied and broad range of sports and activities, quality coaching and high quality equipment,  we believe that all children are able to find a sport or activity that they are passionate about in a fun, safe and supported environment.



At St Michaels, we use the Primary PE Passport scheme for teaching PE. This scheme provides high quality, easy to follow lesson plans which clearly explain each part of the lesson to the provider, no matter their confidence. It also allows for simple, easy to check assessment for each individual pupil in each unit based on their  learning outcomes. We also provide access to professional, external coaching provided by a local coaching provider. Our sports coach is timetabled so that he is able to work with all classes throughout the year, which also gives teachers and support staff an incredible opportunity to learn from an experienced coach, helping them to develop their own PE coaching skills and confidence. In addition, we also offer professional dance lessons from an external teacher as we recognise the importance of offering a variety of activities.


PE Lessons at St Michaels should allow gifted children the opportunity to move along at a pace which suits their abilities by challenging them to further their skills, but one which also recognises when pupils need support and achievable goals. Lessons offer minimal waiting for pupils so learning and engagement is continuous.


Our students are provided the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired through PE lessons in a variety of extra curricular sports clubs. These clubs offer children the chance to compete in a fun, yet competitive environment with other members of the clubs and other schools in the local area.

Our PE timetable ensures that children are given at least 60 minutes of structured, quality physical activity per week, in line with the government’s guidelines.


Through participation and engagement in PE lessons and extra curricular activities, children are encouraged to become more aware of their physical and mental fitness and take responsibility in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whilst developing a healthy competitive edge. Our students are given an understanding on how to live a happy and healthy life through using the skills they develop at our school.

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