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Remote Learning

The use of remote learning in schools across the Trust has developed significantly in response to the COVID-19 emergency. We have built on previous approaches to home learning which we had already developed but have also taken the opportunity to explore new ideas and further improve our use of technology for learning. We provide a blend of remote learning activities for pupils. Online resources are accessible through Google Classroom or Class Dojo and DropBox. Resources include some sessions recorded by TST staff, some independent work activities and links to a wide range of online resources, including the BBC and the Oak National Academy. We also aim to include an element of live interaction between staff and students although this will take different formats for each school. Any live sessions are supported by a thorough risk assessment and clear protocols for parents, pupils and staff to follow. Clear guidance is provided regarding the structure of the day although we also recognise that flexibility is essential for families working at home. Sufficient work is set to meet the government guidelines for the time to be spent each day on remote learning, but we do not expect all this to be screen time. However, we have ensured that all pupils within our Trust schools have access to a device at home through which they can access the online resources.  Each school has developed its own remote learning policy and details of the remote learning offer for each of our schools is set out on the individual school web-sites. All our schools are fully compliant with the government guidelines on remote learning (January 2021).

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