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We have a very enthusiastic band of parents/carers who work tirelessly to raise additional funds for our school.  These funds have a positive impact on the learning experiences of the children and have gone towards things such as…

  • A whole school visit to the theatre for a pantomime

  • A new school library - including books

  • School trips

  • Prizes

  • Gifts

  • Resources from the Science Museum

  • Laptops

  • Lockers

  • Pirate Ship

Any parent can be a member of the Friends of St Michael’s as soon as their child starts school.  They can be as active a member as they wish, or can work on the management team.   Some parents spend a few days every week actively working on the committee and some help out regularly on stalls, running cake sales, doing what they can, when they can. Any help offered, big or small, is very welcome and very much appreciated.   The more help given, the easier the workload.

Fundraising opportunities have included Christmas fairs, quiz nights, fashion nights, a Firework Display, Tenterden run, school discos together with regular events such as cake sales. The Friends of St Michael’s is here to supply those extra things to our children to make their lives at school more enjoyable, memorable and easy for the duration of their primary school lives. It is important to know that not all Friends of St Michael’s events are solely moneymaking enterprises; there are some events we put on purely to give something back.

The Friends of St Michael’s is a great way to get involved with your children’s school; it is fun and has a good social aspect to it.  We always need more active members, so please come along to the next meeting.  Your input, help and ideas, are most welcome.  It is always good to have fresh new faces, and remember it is YOUR child that benefits! 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the School Office who will put you in touch with one of the committee members.

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