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Family Liaison Officer

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can be overwhelming for all of us and you may feel you just need to talk these through with someone.  Our FLO is here to help!


You may need help with your child’s social and emotional wellbeing, including friendship issues, grief and loss, parental separation, absence and lateness, behaviour or maybe are struggling with parenting.


We understand that these things can be tough but we might be able to point you in the right direction to get some help.


Sarah Funnell is our Family Liaison Officer for St Michael’s. Her role is to provide pastoral support to parents/ carers and to help with any issues that you may have in relation to supporting your children either at home or at school.


If you have a personal concern or school related issue, then she is here to offer support, with access to a number of agencies who may be able to provide assistance to you and your family.  She works impartially and confidentially in a non-judgemental manner, providing an understanding ‘listening ear’ if you ever need advice or support. She also makes a good cup of coffee, so do pop in for a chat!


Her office hours are:

Tuesday 8.30-4:00

Wednesday 8:30-4:00

Thursday 8:30-4:00


You can catch Mrs Funnell on the gate or pop in to arrange an appointment.  Alternatively email:

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