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Our Good Samaritans

Our Good Samaritans are chosen by our teachers as those children who epitomise our School Values; they show love and kindness to others, use their wisdom and self-control to make the right decisions, understand that striving for peace allows everyone to grow and trust  and have faith in the school team.  These children meet regularly to share ideas and work closely with the Headteacher to support our community both inside school and in the local area.   

Often leading collective worship, the Good Samaritans help the children to understand the Christian messages.  They enjoy listening to the ideas of their classmates; encouraging them to go out of their way helping each other. 


Supporting the school to raise money for charity, in the past year, the Good Samaritans encouraged the students to donate more than 500 cans to our local Food Bank, making our school a beacon in the local community.

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