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Forest School


Forest School is an important part of our curriculum.  All children across the school get the opportunity to take part in the forest school programme.

Forest school activities are child led but we do offer a range of springboard activities which are often inspired by the topics of each class.


Forest School is run once a week by a qualified professional who supports the children’s physical development and engagement with healthy lifestyles by providing opportunities for the children to test their own boundaries and physical capabilities while developing new skills.

The ethos of Forest School allows each session to support individual children’s needs which in turn gives them a sense of well being and belonging which has led to children being more confident in having a go in class. The element of risk taking afforded by Forest School has meant that children are making healthier behaviour choices in the playground.

Since Forest School sessions have been delivered the following outcomes have been noted:

·New skills being developed

·Increase in self confidence of pupils

·A interest and willingness in being outdoors engaging in physical activity

·Greater capacity for team work within the class room

Our Forest School Handbook gives comprehensive details of how the Forest School operates here at St Michael's Primary School, please find a copy in the link below.

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