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St Michael’s aims to provide an environment rich in literary stimulus, where every child is an enthusiastic reader.  Reading should be a pleasurable experience and here at St Michael’s we endeavour to foster a “love of reading” in all children. Reading is central to everything we do; it is through reading that children learn about people, places and events outside their own experience - developing a child’s imagination.

As they read, Children learn new words and unconsciously they absorb information; like how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively.


Children are introduced to reading through the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn to read and identify specific sounds and then to blend them to read words.


We use Read Write Inc to introduce systematic phonics teaching at St Michael's.  Children may be given fashcards in KS1 to support the learning of common words and phonemes.

All children have a school reading book and are encouraged to read daily at home. We use Accelerated Reader in KS2 to ensure that children unerstand what they are reading and to match childrens abilities with appropriate texts.  Children undertake a short online comprehension activity after each book that they read; this goes towards their "word count" which is celebrated in each child's bid to become a "Word Millionaire".   

Reciprocal reading, where the children read in small groups, is a regular feature of the children’s learning in KS2. Through this, the pupils are encouraged to explore a deeper understanding of the text, learning how to draw conclusions and make inferences about the story.

We have a number of volunteer reading helpers, who listen to individual children read. If you feel that you could spare an hour a week to listen to children read, we would very much welcome your support. Please contact the school office in the first instance. 

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