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Mathematics is taught throughout the school using White Rose as a structure and we are engaged with and supported by the local Maths Hub. We think mastery of anything: playing an instrument, speaking a new language or mathematics takes a very long time. That’s why we talk about the “journey to mastery”, rather than “having mastered”. Teaching maths for mastery involves employing approaches that help pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning, so that by the end of every school year or Key Stage, pupils will have acquired mastery of the mathematical facts and concepts they’ve been exposed to, equipping them to move on confidently and securely to more advanced material.


As a school, we use a variety of strategies, which include whole-class teaching, partner talk, group work as well independent learning.  This may be in the form of practical tasks, written questions, investigations and solving real-life problems. 


Most importantly, we encourage the children to develop an enjoyment of maths and recognise the importance of mathematics in everyday life.

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